Saturday, May 11, 2013

High Performance Overhead Door

Can't wait for the your door to open. USP's high performance package can increase the opening speed of an overhead coiling door or garage door up to 24" per second. That's almost 6 times faster than a standard door.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Landmark Storefront Security Solution

Steel folding grille
Accordion Folding Gate

Have a storefront on a landmark building? Need to protect your merchandise? Can't use a roll up grille because of the landmark status.

USP has the solution. Our classic folding gates are made the same way there made 100 years ago and are a great security solution for business, who need to protect their storefronts and are limited in what can be used on the outside of the building.

Contact us by phone 718-478-5330 or via email we'll be happy to help you.

*always verify with you local landmark committee which products can be used.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lexan Rolling Grilles

Our Lexan Rolling Doors allow your customer eyes to look in while keeping their hands out. These doors are ideal for airports, pharmacies, malls, and storefronts. Standard curtains are made from clear anodized aluminum panels with lexan inserts. Black and bronze anodizing is available upon request.

Overhead coiling grille
Protect your merchandise while allowing you customers 
an unobstructed view of your display showcases. 

These rolling grilles are great solutions for pharmacy's where security,
displaying merchandise, and store lighting is a top priority.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rolling Doors NY

The City of New York has passed a law that requires all new storefront gates that are installed after July 1, 2011 must contain 70% of grille or see though pattern.  They also passed a law that ALL storefront gates must be contain 70% see through grille after July 1, 2026.  A violation would carry a penalty of $250 for a first offense and $1,000 for each subsequent offense.

Old Style Store Front Gate
The solid gates have a forbidding quality, recalling the bad old days of 1970s-era New York, when a desire to encourage window-shopping was superseded by a concern over rampant crime and occasional looting.

Store Front with New NYC Approved Grille Design
Rolling or sliding grilles, which permit passers-by to gaze into plate-glass store windows and are seen by some as being harder to vandalize are permitted. These grilles are made from a combination of steel and aluminum and offer a high level security.

See our website for our complete line of NYC approved storefront security gates.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Side Folding Grilles

folding grille

When security is a priority and space is limited. Side folding grilles are ideal for applications that require a secure barrier against theft and debris, such as retail applications in malls and airport concourses. 

USP's smooth rolling Model 880, shown above,  side folding grille runs on 1-1/8'' diameter twin rollers in tough overhead track. Grille curtains and lock posts are suspended with 5/16'' diameter cold rolled steel hanger rods that will not deform over the lifetime of the grille. Lexan vision panel inserts allow customers to see into the space while preventing theft of merchandise.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Speciality Doors

Pass Door


Pictured above is a stainless steel overhead coiling door with a stainless steel pass door. This system allows the user to enter and exit without opening the coiling door but when the entire opening is required the user can swing the hollow metal door with its frame our of the way. Also available in galvanized steel.

Piggyback Doors

piggyback door
Most door company's will piggyback a rolling steel door and a rolling steel grille, but we can do it all. We have piggybacked a rolling door with an overhead sectional door, two rolling steel doors, and a rolling grille with a high speed door, it's pictured above. 

Free Standing Rolling Doors & Grilles

Free standing overhead doors are a great alternative to sliding, swinging, and overhead gates. The provide both privacy and security. These doors allow you to save both side room and headroom where traditional gates could not fit.

Do you have something else in mind? Give us a call. Our engineers would love to build it for you.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Jacob Javits Center, NY

The Jacob Javits Center in New York is home to some of the largest doors we ever installed. 

The silver door you see below is our model 700 Fire Door. It measures 44' wide and 25' high and is one of four identical doors guarding the entrance to the main exhibit hall. These doors are designed to be used on a regular basis and in the event of a fire will close automatically. They are UL listed and have a 3hr fire rating. 
rolling steel fire door
44' Wide x 25' High 3 Hour Rated Fire Door

The red door can be found at the centers north end. This insulated door is our Model 400 and measures 36' wide by 16' high. Its Insulation consists of closed cell urethane foam injected insulation a minimum of 1” thick, providing a 8.0 R-value and sound barrier protection with a STC 25 rating. Insulation is pressure foamed in place bonding the both front and back slats while filling all voids and creating a thermal break.

36' Wide x 16' High Insulted Rolling Door Powder Coated Red

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